Oak Lane Manor Civic Association

Who ya gonna call?

Potholes: 302- 894-6300
Gas Leaks: 302-454-0317
County Code Violation: 302-395-5555
County Website:  www.NCCDE.org
Brandywine Hundred Website: www.CCOBH.org
NCC Crime Map: http://crimemap.nccde.org/sqlcrime.asp
Yard Waste Drop-off Site: 302-765-3100 -- Holland Mulch, 135 Hay Road, Edgemoor, 19809

County Councilman Dee Durham: 302-395-8342​
State Representative  Krista Griffith: 302-744-4351
State Senator Cathy Cloutier: 302-577-8517

Where to take Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Goods?

10 AM – 2:00 PM

Delaware Recycling Center
1101 Lambsons Lane
New Castle, DE 19720


For the schedule of local collections of Hazardous Waste, Electronics and Document Shredding go to:


Click image below for more recycling information:

How do I report potholes, debris in the road, or any other urgent street problem in my neighborhood?
Call the DelDOT Transportation Management Center 24 hours a day: 302-894-6300 . For accidents or other emergencies call 911.​

Who do I call to replace missing or damaged street signs?
DelDOT Transportation Management Center will take reports of missing or damaged signs, but the quickest way to get signs replaced is to call one of your local state legislators.  

Who is responsible for removing fallen branches or trees from our neighborhood streets?
​DelDOT is responsible for removing any obstacle from the streets they maintain -- including OLM streets. DelDOT crews will cut a fallen tree or branches into manageable pieces, remove them from the right of way, and stack them so as not to block the street or sidewalk. The property owner is responsible for properly disposing of the debris. DelDOT will not remove stumps, regrade and reseed turf, or plant new trees. All those things must be arranged by the property owner. Contact DelDOT to report fallen trees or limbs, or to report any other road conditions: 302-894-6300.

The paving and curbs on my street are deteriorating. Who should I call?
DelDOT will do the repairs, but the funds will come from one or both of your state legislators' Community Transportation Funds. Contact your legislators to arrange repairs. Funds are very limited, and repairs may take some time to complete.

Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing my neighborhood's street sidewalks?
Sidewalks are part of DelDOT's right-of-way but, as is the case with street trees, DelDOT has no funding available for sidewalk repair. Homeowners must maintain their sidewalks as best they can. Therefore, all repair work is done by individual homeowners. Since concrete is less expensive when delivered by the truckload, several neighbors can work together with a contractor to do all the repair work at the same time. Many reputable contractors will then pass along the lower cost of concrete to the homeowners. If done this way, each homeowner is responsible for his or her own bill.​

Can a  property owner be sued if someone is injured because of a poorly maintained street sidewalk?

Neither State nor the County statutory law requires property owners to maintain the sidewalks adjacent to or on their property.  Absent some type of special circumstance (such as destroying it or creating a hazard themselves), a homeowner who does not have a sidewalk on their property is not liable for the maintenance of that sidewalk.  It is, however, abundantly clear from Delaware case law, that homeowners on whose property sidewalks do exist, are liable for the injuries caused to users of that sidewalk when the sidewalk is not properly maintained.  Thus, a prudent homeowner will take steps to know whether the sidewalk is on their property, and will make sure that the sidewalk is maintained to prevent or correct any reasonably identifiable hazard on that sidewalk.

 If a homeowner has any doubt about whether the sidewalk is on their property, they can check the Mortgage Inspection Survey they received when they purchased their home.  Please note, a sidewalk that is in the DelDOT right of way, but on property owned by the homeowner, does not relieve the homeowner of liability.

 A homeowners association that has not undertaken to repair sidewalks on its own initiative does not have any liability with respect to such sidewalks.

Where do I bring my yard waste?
Yard Waste Drop Off Site: 

Holland Mulch: 302- 765-3100 -- 

135 Hay Road, Edgemoor, DE 19809
John Duffy, owner of Holland Mulch, has committed to accept RESIDENTIAL yard waste at his commercial site for no charge. (Free mulch will not be available.) This is a commercial site so be aware of the traffic.